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Stained Glass Association apprenticeship, glass painting and cartoon creation.

Studied with John Nussbaum, master glass painter.

private art classes at the Cloisters New York.

Selected Exhibitions and Fairs

"Searching for Perfection" Solo Show, Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA. 1995 

Smithsonian Craft Show, 1997

"From Foundation to Ornamentation" The Arc Art Center, Chicago, 1999

"A Woman's Place" Invitational, St. Petersburg Florida Art Center.

"Grand Arts at Green Hill"  Green Hill Center for the  North Carolina Arts. Juried by Sean Kelly who traveled

the state in search of the "most innovative artist's" in NC.   2002

"Sparkings" Three person mixed media invitational,

Artspace, Raleigh  NC.   2004

"The Power of Excellence" Southeastern Center for

Contemporary Art. Winston Salem NC. mid 2000's.

"Two Person Glass Show" Madonna Phillips and Tommie Rush. American Artisan Gallery. Nashville

TN. 2006

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show,  2007

The Artist Project Chicago,  2008

The Artist Project New York,  2011

Pool Art Fair, Miami Art Basel Week  2008, 2009

Pool Art Fair, New York  2012, 2013

Spectrum Art Fair, Miami

Flow Art fair, Miami


Art Hamptons

Art Miami Context during Art Basel Week

Art Palm Beach

Art Palm Beach Modern

Art Boca Raton

SOFA, Sculpture, Objects and Functional Art, Navy Pier, Chicago

Art New York  2019


Commission for Creighton University's new medical


Artist's Statement:

My work is influenced by my background as a stained glass

painter and cartoon creator for Stained Glass Assoc. in NC.

This experience led to a personal original technique of collage and hand cut pieces of glass attached to the surface by pouring clear mediums.

The shimmering surface informs the viewer passing by, always changing, reflecting light and color.

 Architecture, pattern and science have been  influences in  my work as I continue using glass and collage in different and challenging ways.

I am interested in the environments we live in with more

glass being used in architecture, opening to the world. And

the relationship between art and craft.

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